How Can I Help You?

There is no bigger privilege than being part of the process of making a difference in someone’s life and business. I am grateful to call that privilege my work. I hope to have the chance to serve you.

I remember something a good friend, Paul Malek, said to me when I was a boy of 16. 
He said “if you can leave this world just a little better than you found it, then you have lived a worthy life.
He went on to say “imagine what the world would look like today if everyone did that?

grow-happy-as-you-grow-your-business-with-person-centered-businessI started Person Centered Business for YOU. 
To show you how you can grow happy as you grow in your business.

The wording I use in that sentence is deliberate. It’s not “as you grow your business” but “as YOU grow IN your business.
This reason You come first is because you are at the centre of your business.

Growing your business is important and is a main theme on this website but there is also a balanced focus on YOU. Your happiness within your business and how that translates into your personal life is where the real value lies and it is what defines a business as a true success.

A profitable business that leaves you feeling empty, anxious, tired and unfulfilled is not – I’m my eyes – a successful business.

Happiness and fulfilment are not regulated by how much wealth you accumulate.

It’s easy to become lost in a chase that promises happiness but never seems to deliver. Trading precious time and sacrificing quality of life in the pursuit of a false vision that always seems to be just out of reach.

If you recognise yourself in this theme then I have some good news. There is another path.
If you chose to explore this alternate path then I would love to be part of your journey.

Why I feel I can help


My name Kenneth Kelly but most people call me Ken.

I enjoy an authentic life and view where I am today as just perfect. There is nothing I wish to change but lots I wish to continue working on to keep growing.

The most valuable lesson I have learned is that success is less about what you do and more about who you are.

I am grateful to have financial freedom provided by 5 separate businesses that operate both online and offline.
I am enthused by what I do in my businesses but, more importantly, I love how my businesses enrich my personal life and the lives of the people I interact with.

I have been involved in internet marketing since 2005 and I have coached and supported fellow business owners since 2011. I enjoy continued study and keep up to date with modern conversion marketing strategy.

I love the idea that anyone can take their passion and turn it into a business. The technology is low cost and the market is open and receptive to new ideas an innovations.

I studied conversion marketing to understand the mechanisms of running a good business and then combined that my understanding of what gives us balance freedom and happiness. The resulting hybrid is Person Centered business.

Success is not measured in profit

I am far from perfect, I have bad days, low moods and many character defects that cause me pain from time to time. I am, after all, only human, just like you are.

When I look in the mirror today, I like the man who stares back at me.
There was a time I avoided my reflection because I could not look myself in the eye.
I was lost and in pain and my life felt like a constant uphill struggle of unhappiness.

At the time I ran a “successful” business with a turnover in the millions.

People saw me as a confident success but Inside I was frightened and anxious. I hid my sadness behind a mask of false confidence, it was like playing an acting part in my own life.

I tried to project the image that everything was great but inside I felt miserable. Playing this roll day after day, year after year was exhausting and I lost myself. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I was confused with a feeling that I should be happy because I had a profitable business but life just felt like darkness.

I was helped out of my own darkness by a few very special people who held an open hand to me and said “come, let me show you a different way”.

Life Changes When You Change

changeNow I too hold a hand out in the darkness, that I know so well, and say “come, I know another way”.

I went to collage and graduated as a psychotherapist which gave me the opportunity to share countless journeys with people who were at their lowest points in life.

I worked in Doctors surgeries, collages, clinics and in my own private practice with people of varying ages, clients from different socioeconomic groups and one pattern emerged again and again.

So many of us are lost and we end up playing a part in our own life.

When what you feel inside is hidden, and what you show outside is an act, then life becomes pretty miserable.

I furthered my studies, got my teaching qualification, and took a post as a lecturer of psychotherapy studies at my local collage in Cheshire, England.

Today I continue to practice psychotherapy and I continue to support students because it is my passion and I believe that it makes a difference in peoples lives.

My other passion is online business, I was bitten by the internet marketing bug in 2005.

I have practiced this philosophy in my own business and shared it with my coaching clients and the results have been happiness and growth.

Person Centered Business is my attempt at reducing pain, increasing happiness and making a difference to the entrepreneur who choses to grow happy as they grow their business.

If I can leave this world just a little better than I found it, then I will have lived a worthy life.

Ken Kelly