Counseling for Entrepreneurs

What is counseling?

What-is-counselin-Counseling is a therapeutic relationship that you enter into willingly, usually to help you to deal with difficulties you may be facing in your life. The issues that bring someone to see a counselor differ from person to person, if anything is causing you to not live your life the way you wish to then it is worth considering bringing it to counselling.

I have chosen to focus my practice within business world because I know the demands of starting, growing and running a business.

The Person Centered Approach

The most important factor in Person-Centred Counseling is the relationship itself. I aim to offer a non-judgemental environment meaning you are free to bring yourself as yourself, just the way you are, without fear of being judged, criticised or compared.

Everything that happens within our relationship will be guided by you, my part is to go with you no matter how rough it may get.

Together we can explore your thoughts, your feelings, your fears, your joys, your sorrows, your anger, in short, anything you choose to bring to your session.

A show of strength

Helping-hand-and-support-smallThere is a misconception that weak people go to counselors or that visiting a counselor is a last resort and an indication you are not able to deal with your problems yourself.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that counseling has been around since humans began interacting and socialising. In the past if a person faced difficulties they would have a community surrounding them, assistance and support would be given by elders or a tribe leader.

As humans have progressed, we have moved further and further away from this sociable model to the point that nobody seems to have time to listen anymore. It feels to me like the more we progress the more isolated we all become.

It takes a strength of character to consider getting support. Getting support means you are still fighting to get back to being you and I would welcome the opportunity to be in your corner.

If you like, you can get in touch with me and I would be glad to setup an introductory chat.

What Can I Bring to the Sessions?

I guess the thing you really bring is yourself. I am comfortable working with any aspect of your life you chose to bring. If I find an area where I feel I am not the best fit, or that my skill-set does not meet your need, I would look to make an appropriate referral based on your choice.

Do counsellors give advice?

Some do, I do not.

How often are your opinions and feelings trusted as the right way to proceed?
Maybe not often enough!

I believe there is nobody who knows your life better than you do. Person-Centred counseling is built on the belief that if you are given the correct set of conditions, you will find the answers and the truth that works for you. I support you in finding your solutions whilst respecting you for who you are.

How many sessions do I need?

How-many-sessions-The amount of sessions you engage in is up to you. You are in full control over how often you attend counseling and you can stop counseling at any time you wish without having any questions asked.

There is no “typical length” that an individual should attend counseling for, for it to be effective. Each individual brings different circumstances and works at their own pace, it may be helpful for you to evaluate where you are at by your sixth session but this will be directed by you.

Sessions are usually planned when you finish a session, your next session date and time can be diarised. You can of course arrange a session by email at a later time if this is more convenient or we can schedule a series of sessions, it really is up to you.