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Customer Centric Marketing

Your customer tunes out most of the marketing messages that are thrown at them because they exercise, what is known as, selective consumption.

The marketing techniques taught in universities as “best practice” no longer work. Consumers are using technology to filter out messages they don’t want to hear.

Established brands, that enjoyed decades of market domination, are going out of business because their outbound marketing and advertising techniques are no longer effective. Good marketing stratergy is no longer  about having the biggest budget and bombarding the consumer with messages. People are able to tune out the marketing they dont want. The time has come to adapt or die and sadly many companies are dying.

I help business owners build a Person Centered marketing strategy that is predictable, repeatable and measurable. Effective marketing that is customer centric with a focus on guaranteed conversion.

Find out what difference Person Centered marketing can make in your business. Get in touch for a free, hour long taster marketing consultation.  After your consultation, you will get a detailed report with suggestions on how to improve your marketing.

Person Centered Marketing

customer-focused-marketing-consultantPerson Centered Marketing sets you and your company apart. It’s a built on a fresh and innovative philosophy that puts your customer at the center of your business. This customer centric approach means your business is led by customer need, which makes your marketing reactive rather than active.
With Person Centered Business Marketing your prospective customer comes to you, you don’t go to them, this is called inbound marketing.
Inbound Marketing is highly effective and it is evidenced as the new way forward, the old outdated textbooks are being rewritten and you get to be part of this revolution.

A measured, thoughtful and highly effective way to help you achieve more than you ever would on your own.
You’ll find time with Ken to be one of the wisest investments you will ever make.
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Find out what difference Person Centered Marketing can make in your business by getting in touch for an hour long taster marketing consultation. There is no charge for this session and we will explore how you can get predictable, repeatable and measurable results in your business. 

“Your help on pricing strategy, funnels, end to end marketing and positioning of our services allowed us to grow our business in a way that surpassed our wildest expectations.Thank you Ken Kelly for saving me 2 years of my life.” Ziv Raviv – CEO Booster Monster

Taster Marketing Consultation – How it works

When you have made the decision to explore a free Taster Consultation you will receive an email from me to setup a time and a date that suits us both.

Your consultation is held within a private and secure online meeting room meaning you attend at a time and from a place that suits you.

The initial session is 60 minutes long and offers an opportunity for us to look over and your current marketing strategies and review how they are focused on meeting your business goals.

After our consultation I will compile a detailed report with suggestions that you may consider implementing.

I will also provide a marketing proposal based on your individual needs and the goals you wish to reach for your consideration.

Marketing Consultation Pricing

Marketing ConsultationDescriptionTimePrice
1hr Free ConsultationThis initial session is used for me to get an idea of your current marketing strategy and for us to discuss goals and barriers.60 Minutes Via Skype£0.00
Per Hour ConsultationConsultation and direction on any aspect of your marketing that you see as important60 Minutes Via Skype£175
Half Day ConsultationIdeal for strategic planning, training or working on more complex campaigns3 hours via online conferencing software or in person where appropriate. Either one to one or bring your team together.£450
Full Day ConsultationIdeal for campaign architecture or training.6 hours via online conferencing software or in person where appropriate. Either one to one or bring your team together.£800
Retainer PackagesWe set goals and I manage a hand picked team to deliver results. Ideal for paid advertising, social media management and campaign management.As needed according to needs assessment.Monthly