Psychotherapy For Entrepreneurs

If you are going through a tough time right now and feel that nobody understands, it may offer comfort to know you are not alone. The demands of being an entrepreneur are massive and we often rely heavily on ourselves. Psychotherapy-For-EntrepreneursWhen we ourselves feel fragile, then the joy of life leaves and is replaced with negative, indescribable feelings. The unease robs us in our business and in our personal relationships with others and with ourselves. I provide private psychotherapy for entrepreneurs just like you. I aim to offer you a safe, supportive and confidential setting to explore the issues that you are struggling with. Sessions are held online at a time that suits us both and they last 60 minutes. My way of working is called the “Person Centered Approach“. This means we work together to empower you to find answers. Things can sometimes become clearer when explored in a supportive environment without fear of judgment and without any pressure. I offer an introductory session where we meet to speak about what you might like to bring to sessions and what you hope to achieve. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and to see how the relationship and process feels before making any decisions. There is no charge for the introductory session.

What happens in an introductory session?

After you have made the decision to book an introductory session you will receive an email from me to setup a time and date that suits us both. Ken-Kelly-person-centered-businessSessions are held in a private and secure online meeting room hosted via Goto Meeting. Goto Meeting is focused on protecting the privacy and integrity of confidential communication, including screen sharing, text messages, email and voice interaction. Click here to find out more information on what counseling is and how it works

Further sessions

If, after the first session, you decided to get in touch to book more sessions, then we will schedule a timetable that works for us both. If you choose a block of sessions then you can spread out and use the block sessions however you like.


My qualification is in Person-Centred Counseling and I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I adhere to the BACP ethical framework for good practice and my own practice is regularly monitored by supervision. I have practised in United Kingdom National Heath Service (NHS) as well as in private clinic settings where I have been privileged to work with men and woman on a variety of presenting issues. I also worked for a time with younger adults at a local Warrington collage. For two years I was fortunate to lecture counselling to higher education learners at Warrington Collegiate where I enjoy being part of the process of shaping the counsellors of the future. After becoming a counselor, I furthered my study in health and social care, spcializing in psychosocial intervention, assessment and care planning. I completed a post graduate certificate to specialise in working therapeutically online so that I could work ethical over the internet.