Training that Shifts Perception

The human condition is one of the most studied areas of science yet the average person knows very little about the theory that underpins what makes us act and behave as we do and how this translates into business.

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Learn to better your business and make a difference in how, you and your team, choose to live and work.

If ever you want a corporate presentation with a difference he really IS your man!  He showed me that what you see is not always what you believe. Noelle Watson – Creator of the Feeling Fabulous Formula

training1You will gain an understanding of what makes people, including yourself, act and react the way they do.
When you understand a little of the psychological theory, you will begin to see how this plays out within your own business and personal life.

Use your new understanding of the “human condition” to enrich your business and strengthen trust bonds with customers and staff.
Learn to grow within your personal life and break self-defeating cycles of behavior that keep you from reaching your full potential in life, love and the relationships you value.

I have studied, practiced and taught the theories of the human condition in my work as a lecturer and practicing psychotherapist for many years.
I have also seen how powerful this knowledge is when applied within my own online business.

When you understand why people do what they do, it becomes easier to predict outcomes and strategically guide them towards desired results.

Thank you very much for providing a wonderfully direct, concise, thought-provoking and also spellbinding seminar. After you left, our entire team let Jacqui and I know just how much they had all enjoyed the day and how your training techniques had made a lasting impression. Ian Balmforth – Greenthumb

Some of my favorite Topics

Conversion-Marketing_Ken-KellyTrust Building Skills – People buy from those they know, like and trust.
Learn the “Core Conditions” used by psychotherapists to build deep trusting relationships.
Anyone trying to win trust so that they can sell their stuff is doing it wrong. Find out why.

Listening Skills – Communication is key to personal and business life yet few of us know how to listen.
Learn to “truly” hear and you will see your world transform. When people feel heard, relationships deepen.


Customer Centric Business Practice – All businesses seek customers yet many fail to place them at the centre of their business practice.
Learn to communicate with your customer in a way that they feel understood and you will see growth.

Self Discovery and Development – You are the most important asset in your business. How do you grow?
Personal and professional growth comes from examining, questioning and testing the truths within your own life.

Bespoke Training – I enjoy matching training to need. Let’s work together to find a fit for you or your team.

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3 Reasons why my training is effective.

  1. I hold a teaching qualification meaning you’re training is structured, addresses varied learning styles and is mapped to both transactional and transformational outcomes.
  2. I worked as a professional magician for over 35 years meaning your training will be entertaining as well as informative.
  3. The content I deliver is evidence based, informed and aimed at changing life perceptions that improve business and personal life.

Online Training

  • CloudLive training held online and hosted within a virtual lecture room powered by GoTo Meeting.
  • Online training sessions offer the flexibility to join as an individual or book a group session for your team.
  • You attend using your phone, tablet or computer from the pace that suits you.
  • Training is interactive. You can ask questions and be a part of the process – which enriches learning.
  • If you miss a session that’s okay, I have you covered. All training sessions are recorded and you can watch the replay that is hosted in your private virtual learning environment (VLE).
  • All training materials are available in your private VLE so you can refresh your memory or refer to notes when needed.