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I know something about your ideal customer

They-are-just-like-youYour target customer is very much like you. They care about bettering themselves, supporting their family, being happy, having friends, being wanted, their health and meeting their life needs.
When your potential customer finds your business or website, it’s because they are seeking something. They don’t visit to learn more about your business or support you by buying your products.
They come because they have a need.

If you can understand what their need is and why they have it, a wonderful thing happens.

Because you understand, you are able to speak directly to your customer in a way that they recognize – that you “get them.”

Your customer feels heard and recognized and those conditions make for a deeper and more trusting relationship.

We are told that customers buy, interact and transact with those they know like and trust – but how do we go about building that trust? Let’s look at how trust building skills can help.

Trust building is tricky

Trust-buildig-skillsTrust does not come easy in a world where everyone is trying to win your trust so that they can sell you stuff. People are trying, unsuccessfully, to win your trust every day. How many emails did you delete today without reading them?

Building true trust in life is a process that takes time, sometimes decades. But there is a shortcut.

In psychotherapists’ and counselors’ rooms throughout the world, relational depth and trust is built quickly.

Learn the trust building skills that therapists use

Think about this for a second – a person walks into a room with a perfect stranger and within a relatively short period of time they are sharing parts of themselves that have never shared with any other human being.

The counseling relationship is unique in that trust is built at a fast rate seldom seen in any other aspect of human life. This is, in part, thanks to a man called Carl Rogers.

Carl Rogers is seen by many as one of the founders of psychotherapy research. He identified certain conditions that, when present in the counseling relationship, created an atmosphere that often resulted in a deepening of trust between client and counselor.

Carl Rogers went on to develop Person Centered Counseling, a nondirective talking therapy with trust at its core.

I deliver training where I share an overview of Rogers’ six conditions and the mechanisms that create deep, trusting relationships quickly. The conditions describe how you can embrace a certain way of being to help nurture long and trusting relationships. Not just for relationships with customers, but for relationships in all aspects of your life.

If you are keen to learn trust building skills for yourself or your team, then why not check out my online training.

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