How do values shape your business?

Your personal moral qualities are internalized values that shape how you relate to others and your environment.

You have a business plan right?

Chances are you do or you have a good idea of what you offer and how you monetize that in your business.


Do you have a culture plan?

Culture is defined as a way of life that a group of people adopt. It includes beliefs, values and principles that guide how the group acts and interacts.

Company-culture-and-valuesThe result of good business planning is profit. The result of good culture planning is a happy working environment with happy employees. If you run your business yourself then this is a must if you want to be happy in what you are doing.

The real secret is that happy workers generally lead to a more productive team which, if your business plan is sound, should equal more profit.

Google and Facebook work hard on their company culture and they reap the rewards in staff retention, a happy working environment and in profits.

Having a culture plan that outlines your company ethics, values and principles takes just a few moments to put together and it reaps big rewards in terms of personal payoff.

Here are mine.
What are yours?

Qualities I aspire to meet on Person Centered Business

culture-planDiligence: I aim to use my skills and knowledge to provide useful and beneficial content to my site guests and to those who choose to join my personal development training, coaching or online counseling services.

Courage: I have days where I feel uncertain, unworthy, unrecognized and I aim to have the courage to continue when it gets scary or I feel overwhelmed.

“Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” – Maya Angelou

Empathy: At the core of Person Centered Business lies empathy. It means I try to understand the experiences of others as if they were my own. It means not just listening but hearing and then communicating that back in such a way that people feel heard and understood. You will hear a lot about empathy on this site.

Humility: I aim to assess accurately and acknowledge my own weaknesses found by myself or pointed out by others.

Integrity: I commit to being honest and transparent in my dealings with my site guests, coachees, trainees and clients.

Respect: I aim to demonstrate respect and unconditional positive regard when dealing with others and myself.

Take 5 minutes right now and jot down what your guiding principles are.
Let your values run through your business guiding you to a happier working environment and a happier you.